Personal Narrative: I Chei-Ayn Marjea Mikell

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June 3, 2002, I Chei-Ayn Marjea Mikell was born at Chesapeake General Hospital, from Dara and Vera Mikell. I am currently fourteen years old and have lived in Suffolk, Virginia all my life. God blessed me to have parents, two siblings, a dog, and a nephew. In my years, I have had trials and tribulations, but my God has brought not only me, but also my family through.
My family has and will always be with me through the end. My mother has always been there when I was hurt, or feeling down Alaysha Mikell born January 16, 1992, has been one of my biggest supporters. When it seemed like my parents weren’t showing diligence to my diversions, she would on her own time, search things for me to strive for.
As a child I participated at KinderCare Learning center and ameliorated to Mack Benn Jr. Elementary
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To begin answering, my relationship with God is steadily growing, since the talk we had in Discipleship. My favorite sports are: Softball/ baseball, gymnastics, dance, and soccer. My favorite soft/baseball teams are: the Yankees and the Mets, the Bulldogs and Blue Jays for softball, my favorite gymnastics team is the US Olympic team, dance: The American Ballet Theatre, Harlem Dance Theatre, and Abby Lee Dance Company, soccer: the Argentina and Colombia team, basketball, Golden State Warriors. My favorite players and or artist are baseball: Jayce and Derek Jeter. Gymnastics: Gabby Douglas, Soccer: Lionel Messi and David Beckham. Dancer: Maddie, Misty, Brynn, and Kalani. I was Chesapeake, Virginia in Chesapeake General Hospital. I enjoy playing the Sims 3 series, Halo series, Arcade games, Poptropica, and card