Personal Narrative-Induced Labor

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For my hospital delivery, my husband did not want to be in the room with me, but he was close by and I was OK with that. I had my friend with me who was also experienced doula. I was all set. On the Sunday atmidnight, my induced labor began. Everything progressed quickly; with the several hours with only one dose of misoprostol, I was advancing fast to 5,6,7 to 10 centimeters and my water broke. I and did not need to get a lot of oxytocin. Everything was going so fast that my pain level was enormous and honestly I was not ready for it. I decided to get an epidural, but did not get much pain relief from it (later I have learned that my epidural failed completely). Labor continued and soon I was able to reach down and feel by baby’s head and was told that with only several pushes he will be out. …show more content…
Things started to get worse and I developed severe fevers and chills (later I was told I had severe chorioamnionitis) and I had to have IV antibiotics. The longer I had fever/chills there was more chance my baby will get it too. I was told that most likely I will not be able to deliver my baby vaginally and papers to sign consent to have C-section was thrown in front of my face. I really had a bad feeling about the surgery and I cried silently, wishing my husband was in the room with me holding my hand. (I was not sure what happened to him but he left I couldn’t reach