Personal Narrative-Intellectual Analysis

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When I was thirteen years old, my family made a very important decision that would shape the rest of our lives: we were moving to the United States. This decision has transformed me from a silent, fearful, and apathetic to a bold, passionate and a hardworking girl.
I felt like a baby when I first came here. I was new to everything: the language, the culture and, because of that I rarely spoke. When I started going to school, the language barrier made it even harder to communicate with my peers and teachers. I used to get lost around the building, and due to my shyness and fear, I couldn't even ask anyone to help guide me to my next class. I felt very scared and ashamed. Eventually, I was able to find my way around the school, and by this time
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I thought and thought, and then suddenly I remembered what my great-grandma said:“The only way your voice and ideas will be heard is when you speak: Don't think about right or wrong, just share your thoughts.” Reflecting back on her words, I knew exactly what I should write about. I understood that I needed to work very hard to learn English, accept my environment and never lose hope. I studied English for almost two-three hours a day not only for myself, but so I could help others to not go through all the difficulties I experienced. I tried to learn everything I could about American people, their culture and their way of life, and soak it into my life. Utilizing what my grandma taught me and practicing English paid off. I now have many great friends and I work very hard in school. Overcoming my fears has made me a strong person and helped me realize that there is always room for improvement. Also, these incidents in my life taught me that I want to continue to meet new people, explore other cultures, and experience all aspects of American life. In order to do so, I must never give up on my goals and always think positively. I am not that same thirteen year old that stepped off a plane from India. I am very thankful for my great-grandma for her words of wisdom that have led me to a right path and help me form my