Personal Narrative-It's Time To Play Softball

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Have you ever met my sister? You most probably have because she likes to go to the parties and use to play softball and she was okay. Everywhere we go someone says hi to her. Everyone thought she was for sure going to go out of town to play college softball, but she didn’t because her junior year she hurt her shoulder. She took a break the rest of the season. When tryouts were coming for next season, the coach asked her if he was going to try out and she said I don’t know. My sister was going to therapy, so her shoulder didn’t hurt anymore. She asked the coach if she can come back before the season was about to start, and he said “no.” she said he said no because it wouldn’t be fair to the girl that was playing my sister position because she went to every practice. She played 3rd base for a …show more content…
Her favorite team was Oklahoma, and she wanted to play there. We even went to the softball finals; it was the Oklahoma Sooners versus the Florida Gators. We were super excited to see the softball game, we got there, and outside they had different activities. My sister and I played some games, and they were comfortable, but then my sister decided that she wanted to go into the hard batting cage. It was so funny because she couldn’t hit the ball, she didn't want to leave until she hit the ball. The game was about to start, and she couldn’t hit the ball. Finally, she hit the ball after trying to hit it 20 times. We were watching the game, and Oklahoma was losing me, and my sister got so nervous because we wanted them to win. They caught up with a girl on the other team making a mistake, we were screaming like crazy. The game finished and Oklahoma won, and we got to take a picture with the trophy, it was super heavy and pretty. They didn’t let us take photos with the softball players; my sister got so upset because she liked the softball player Keilani