Personal Narrative: Judging Or Not To Play Softball

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Some people have their lives figured out, they know what they are going to do when they grow up. For me picking to livestock judge or play softball in college was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. “If I were your mind, I would be at your side every moment of your life. Taking copious, indelible notes each time your body or soul was injured” (Smith 6). Just like in the book “The User’s Guide to the Human Mind”, the mind can be very complicated, have many thoughts, and be confused at times. That was how I felt, confused when I was going through the process of whether to play softball or livestock judge in college. Choosing between softball and livestock judging in college was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but when I step back and realize I made the right decision it makes it all worth while.
Now, some people may think this is an easy task and already have had their life planned since middle school. However, for me it was different I have grown up in the agriculture and livestock industry my entire life. My family has
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When I was in sixth grade I started playing competitive softball and fell in love with the sport. I enjoyed playing softball because my twin sister and I were a pitcher catcher duo. Both of us received all-state awards and all-conference awards all through high school. We played all of the way through high school and had a very successful career. I received many scholarship offers to play softball and livestock judge in college. A couple of months into my senior year, after I had played my last game of softball at the state championships I decided I wanted to pursue a degree and career in the agriculture industry. This led me to want to continue livestock judging in college. I had offers to judge from schools in Oklahoma, and NJC. I decided I wanted to stay close to home and that is when it clicked, I was going to go to NJC and livestock