Personal Narrative: Key West, Key Largo, And Disney World

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It was spring of 2014 and my family and I were off to Florida, we went to Key West, Key Largo, and Disney World all in nine days. Our first order of business was to get to Florida, drive down to Key West visa Orlando. It was nice seeing family down in the keys as well. Then getting to Jet Ski in Key West. Then after an hour drive to Key Largo we went scuba diving. After three days of paradise, the excitement didn’t stop, we got to go to Disney World and get to go to all four parks. In Disney world we got to be one of the first to ride the new ride, The 7 dwarfs mine train. Then we went to the other Busch gardens in Tampa. Finally after an action packed vacation we got to head home.
When we arrived in Orlando international airport we had rented a car and drove all the way down to Key West Florida. It was a very long drive to Key West. In Key West we had went to a Jet Ski outfitters to go jet skiing. When we were jet skiing we each had got to take a turn on the Jet Ski. After that we went to a para sailing company to go parasailing. When we went parasailing it was like a lot of air getting pushed up in the air backwards.
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In Key Largo we went to go get to scuba diving in the coral reef. In the coral reef we saw the sharks. The one shark I saw was about three feet. There also was a stature that was placed in the water. Then we met up with my cousin Christian we went to the beach to spend an afternoon with them. Then we all went to Mrs. Mack’s for dinner that night. I ordered the fried fish, which was caught that morning. That was the best fish I’ve ever