Personal Narrative: Kindergarten At Hobgood Academy

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In August of 2005 I, Ana Wrenn, started kindergarten at Hobgood Academy. My parents sent me to this private school 45 minutes away from my house, instead of the public school two minutes away from my house because they thought it would introduce me to greater opportunities. Little would they know, the hardships that I went through at Hobgood Academy would shape me into the person I am today.
I still remember being the “new kid” even though in kindergarten we were all “new kids”, at least I thought that was how it worked. Almost everyone already knew each other. Most of these kids lived near each other, were on dance and t-ball teams together, or their parents were childhood friends. I on the other hand, I was an outcast. I still remember trying to make friends with kids who had already established friends. I eventually made friends but, in third grade those friends changed. Kids saw me as different. What was a half Mexican girl doing in a private school full of farmer’s kids? I guess third grade is when kids start to pick up on what makes them different from others. This is when my race came into play. By third grade I was top in my class, I made straight A’s and my parents rewarded me with trendy clothing and everything that could make a little 9 year old happy. To me, other kids seemed to be jealous. I distinctly remember arguing with a fellow
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I was left out of a lot of group activities, over the course of eight years I only got invited to a handful of birthday parties, and I didn't really have anyone I could call a friend. Seventh grade was my last year at Hobgood Academy, I'm sure no ever really missed me. My parents put in an application at Bear Grass Charter. I didn't get accepted at first and was waitlisted but, two weeks before school started, I got a call saying I was accepted. I was slightly anxious but also very excited. I was finally able to put Hobgood Academy behind me and start