Personal Narrative: Larry's First Year

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Okay, ten, 11, 12, 13, so this year is Larry’s first year. Year one; new beginnings, new things. Last year was not bad, but kind of challenging for him. This year should be a lot better. It looks like he is learning how to take frequent breaks. I was watching a talk series a couple days ago and a woman had reported on someone doing a study on people who are dying and the five top things they wish they could have done differently or the top five regrets. One of them was that I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

Girija: Always.

Felix: That is the first one, the most popular one. The second one is; I wish I had contacted my friends more and stayed in touch with my friends. Another one was; I wish I was able to be myself more without worrying about what people thought. Not that Larry has that issue, but it's really interesting.
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It’s interesting, because a lot of people who are on their way home, they sort of feel where they are going and what's important. That brings up; your son had no regrets at all. He did everything that he wanted to do here and he didn’t complain. Is there anything that you want to ask him?

Girija: I want to ask him about his grandma.

Felix: So, his Dad’s mom?

Girija: Yeah.

Felix: She is still here.

Girija: Yeah.

Felix: He says I am waiting by her side, she is kind of teetering.

Girija: She is and it's hard.

Felix: She has to let go, but he is trying to help her. He says that she is afraid.

Girija: She is very afraid.

Felix: So, when people are afraid, and a lot of people are afraid to leave, it makes its really hard for people who are here, but this is not her decision right now. He said, grandma is very stubborn and she is not ready until she is ready.

Girija: Yeah, she is 96 years