Personal Narrative: Logan Couture

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It was game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. I am Logan Couture’s latest piece of equipment. I am top of the line, 5 ½ feet of pure beauty. I consist of the colors white, black and teal. This will be my fourth and possibly last game with Couture as his trusty stick, I saw my predecessor get snapped in half by some dumb hockey player who I can’t even pronounce their name, it was like “Ovechkin”. My partner Logan and I were ready for the game. The other team was the Washington Capitals who we beat all the time. I was in the starting lineup about to do the face off. Then, Logan decides to slam me against the freezing ice, ouch! The pain was excruciating, I was not feeling bad for my predecessor. Then, the stupid Capitals center decided to use his stick to hit me! The pain got even more worse. Fortunately, we won the faceoff. It was just passing from there on and the period ended. …show more content…
We were in attacking formation. Boedker passed to Jannick Hansen, who one timed it. It went just wide of the goal, Logan and I sprinted to the back of the net. I wanted to hit the guy that hit me in the face so hard, he’d cry to his mommy. Logan lifted me and whacked him straight in the face. Logan said it was an accident but I think it was on purpose. but then I heard the whistles. Then a guy in stripes tells Logan to go to a box by the benches. Then I hear “San Jose Penalty, number thirty-nine, two minutes for high sticking”. Whenever the puck hit me, it hurt so bad. Then all it was was passing again. Then the period