Personal Narrative: Morris Bolber's Crime

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I'm Morris Bolber, I did a lot of crime in my day but I have only been known for one of my greatest crimes in life That was called The Philadelphia poison ring. In that crime I killed about 30-50 people for some cash. I made lots of money because I was doctor. I did this during the 1930's. I never been suspected to be a really good serial killer because I was known as a doctor not a bad man. Although my eyes had problems I was a good guy. The cash I made was unbelievable it was at least $5,000 dollars when I killed a guy. Next, My biggest win was someones wife wanted there alcoholic husband dead. The lady offered 10,000 dollars from the insurance fraud. Shortly after the job on May 25, 1939 I pled guilty because I wanted to see if the court