Personal Narrative: Moving Back Home

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As I sat on the floor of my impeccably clean medium size closet sobbing, I realized I need more in my life. I needed friends, I needed adult human interaction, I needed to let my house to look “lived in,” I needed intellectual stimulation. Being a house wife was never something I thought about. I work all through high school as an athletic trainer, then I tried several other unsatisfying job choices. I was never unemployed until my husband told me he’s was deploying to Afghanistan. The thought of being 1300 miles away from everything I know while the love of my life was fighting a war 3000 miles away solidified my decision to move back home, and just support my husband. Being a house wife was just something that came out of necessity.
We had an amazing one-year-old and another little boy one on the way. I knew I was not going to be able to work and take care of two little ones while my husband was away serving our country. The kids and I moved back to Texas and in with my in-laws and that helped with the burden of being alone for eight long scary months. We ended up staying there a year and a half. It was just what we needed when we needed it. That is the story of my life. God always provide just what I need
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Having children and working while taking a full load of classes has really demonstrated how strong I have become. Graduating and going back into the work force make me nauseous. The past six months has been the only work experience I have had in more than six years. I am only working as a preschool art teacher to put my youngest in the best preschool in town. In this short time being employed I have realized that I am not sure if I work well with other. People tent to annoy me. However, I know that I have this flaw and I am working in it. Tolerance of others is a goal of mine that I hope to learn in the remaining time I have on