Personal Narrative: My Classroom Reading Man's Search For Meaning

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I went from an astonishing student all throughout middle school to a mediocre high school student. I went from saying “ I need to get this homework done today’ to “ yo fam, we have all quarter to get it done”. All I cared about was my social life. I cared more about who likes me and who don’t like me rather than my GPA. I cared so much that I would let myself get in trouble with the teachers so everyone in the class can have a laugh. Being the class clown felt great, everyone relied on me for a good time. Likeability started to become an addiction, teachers started to resent me because of the disruption and commotion I caused. This was a common occurrence throughout freshmen,sophomore and part of junior year.
One day in class I was doing my typical shenanigans and a classmate said these words “ Adrian you're lazy and you need to grow up”. Eight words, that's all it took to make me feel like absolute scum. I was completely surprised by this. This was a classmate that everyday I made laugh and i considered to be a good friend. This inflicted so much pain into me. I noticed that most of my classmates felt the same way as she did.
Clarity came into my mind, all this time being the class clown was for nothing. My
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Frankl taught me that “ to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances” is “to choose one’s own way”. I began to change my attitude from being angry and putting myself down to being determined and optimistic. Informal articles on the importance of education changed my mindset on school. I started to enjoy learning once again. Hearing motivational videos such as the actor Will Smith enticingly quoting Confucius’ “he who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right” inspired me. It inspired me to work hard. My parents and the few teachers who supported me were glad and they continued to bring support .Slowly my grades started to improve and my behavior as well. I'm still working on this