Personal Narrative: My Clinical Placement

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Award: RNFOO Tribute Award
I am currently in my third year of nursing at York. My clinical placement in fall 2016 was spent in the mental health unit at Brampton Civic hospital where I demonstrated leadership and excellence in the clinical setting in several ways. I also helped to improve client centered care for my clients using SMART (Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) client care plans, patient focused assessment, effective communication (active listening and dialogue), in fact, just being there and listening to the client did great wonders to improve client satisfaction. During my rotation at the mental health geriatric unit, I encountered a patient experiencing elder abuse, I carried out some research on the topic
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For example, during my clinical placement in the mental health unit at Brampton Civic hospital in fall 2016. I led a presentation about therapeutic communication and elder abuse with my clinical group because one of my patient in the geriatric mental health unit was dealing with anxiety related to abuse. I wanted to make a difference. At first I was distressed, but I also did not want any student to go through the same situation without knowing what to do, so I met with the clinical instructor to discuss the issue and possible solutions. In addition, I delved into research for answers, I compiled relevant research articles for therapeutic communication and elder abuse and included it in my clinical portfolio I was also able to educate my fellow student group about the importance of effective therapeutic communication in promoting a health work environment and client satisfaction and I educated the group about elder abuse. In addition, I also spoke to the unit manager and advocated for changes in the unit to promote elder abuse awareness and increase support resources for nurses experiencing distress at work. after which I spoke with my clinical group to discuss the problem and changes on the unit. I was very satisfied with the results and it was a great learning experience as I have been able to use my therapeutic communication skill to inform my practice, I was also able to raise awareness for the issue of elder abuse while …show more content…
Ever since I was a child, I have always dreamt of making a difference in my community. When I came to Canada in December 2012, I was determined to bring my dreams into reality. However, moving to a new country was challenging and tough. It was like starting life over from the scratch, for there is the need for you to learn the cultures, the different food varieties, the people, make new friends and everything else that there is to know. My motivation to succeed and my family was what have brought me this far; from day one, I have never given up on my dreams and aspirations. In my high school, St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, I volunteered to be a Student mentor for grade 9 and 10 while I was in grade 12. Volunteering opened new doors of experiences and the opportunity to be involved with my community. I became actively involved in several other volunteer programs such as PLASP child care, eclypse youth centre to name a few; where I dedicated my time and work to promote success and a safe loving environment. When I started the collaborative nursing at Seneca, I was appointed to become a student ambassador and a mentor for junior students. I also took up peer tutoring during my spare time to help nursing student who were struggling in their courses to be successful. After transitioning to York University, I was also selected to become a Student Health Ambassador at York (SHAY) and a Student