Personal Narrative: My College Experience

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My college experience For the last 8 years I have gained a lot of experience while being in the military and never really thought what I can gain from college. The last couple years I have been taking online classes and I havent really thought of what I can gain from them. As I read the topic for this week I started to think to myself what can I gain from my college experience and this is what came to my head. I can sharpen my skills in the field I chose, it also helps me get over the fear of not knowing the material, it also has helped me be more attentive. Sharpening my skills in the field of criminal justice is my priority. Since being in the military I have learned the way that you approach someone when it comes to using deadly force. With my experience in college and taking the specific classes for my field it teaches me the part I havent learned yet. This includes the admininstrative work that comes with this specific field, and the laws that are required to be followed. Since the laws are different from being in the military. …show more content…
When I decided to start taking college classes it brought fear into me and made me not believe in myself. I had all that pressure in me because I thought college was to advanced for me. For instance, when I would hear my friends talk about the classes they were taking it would terrify me because I thought I was not ready for college. As I started to look at the classes that I needed to take I would ask myself am I ready for what is about to come. Once I started taking classes I found myself actually learning the material, and it was statysfying knowing the fear that I once had was