Personal Narrative: My Day At Columbine High School

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I never expected my Junior Year of high school to turn out like it had. My school, Columbine High, was all over the news. When I had arrived to school on that dreadful Tuesday morning, everyone was warned through the television monitors that ¨today is not a good day to be here¨ (West). Many people were confused, myself included; many were also worried about what was going to happen. There had been warning signs that could have prepared us for the day. ¨April 20, 1999¨ was crossed out on the calendars in the halls. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold still haven't arrived to the school yet and it is nearing lunchtime. We were all supposed to meet in the library during lunch to hang out, but they hadn't showed up yet. Suddenly, I get a phone call …show more content…
And of course, after a few months, I was chosen to get seen by her. Her name is Tiffany Wood, and she assures me that once our sessions are over with, I will feel much better. I wonder if she is telling the truth or not, but I figure Doing nothing about it isn’t going to help, either. One of the first questions she asks me about the whole thing is how I feel about what happened. By now, it’s been months since it all, and I still have no idea how to feel. She tells me that there were many more bombs placed in the school than anyone initially thought (History Staff). I stayed away from learning anything else about the massacre because I did not want to be constantly reminded of what had happened to me, my friends, and my high school. When she tells me their intentions as researchers see it, I begin to feel sick to my stomach. “They planned on bombing the school and whoever was left; they were gonna drop them all with lead (Chua-Eoan),” she tells me. These thoughts enter my head, They were maniacs! Why did they spare me? They were never my friends! They just wanted to hurt! She said that they just wanted to leave an impression on the world; they wanted to be the worst of the worst