Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Student At A CIAA School

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As a student at a CIAA school, how could you have a positive impact on relationships within the community?
On July 31st, 2016 I officially earned my Associate’s Degree from Forsyth Technical Community College. As I held my degree for the first time I could not stop reminiscing about the events that ultimately led me to this moment. Since graduating from high school I attended college on and off for several years. I always planned to continue my education, but without much support from family members or other mentors I soon lost my drive and spent countless years letting precious time slip away while doing nothing to better my future. I realize now that not having a reliable support system was one of the reasons I lost sight of my goals. As a student at a CIAA school, I believe I could be a positive impact on relationships with the community by creating a mentoring program for young, adolescent girls and would, in turn, raise the quality of life for everyone.
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Mrs. Nelson along with her creative board of directors are committed to providing the essential resources and tools that low-income/at-risk preteens need to become productive citizens and vigorous leaders that serve their community. Each Saturday the mentees are able to attend exciting workshops, take educational field trips and participate in community service projects. There are also scholarship opportunities and a minimal cost to become a member due to sponsors and donations. Joy also works closely with middle schools in the Triad area, often asked to mentor an entire