Personal Narrative: My Experience At Lakewood High School

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A mumble of a quick chant and he threw me against the wall. The others were trying to help, but it was no use. His grotesque claws were inches away from my face... Well, that was a bit too far into the future now I should introduce myself. Estelle Roux or Stel for short, I live in California, which is where I attend Lakewood High School. Let me take you to where everything started, simply with a history project.
I began to walk into Lakewood High School the school itself was full of enthusiasm, creativity, and enjoyment a pretty happy place for a high school. I look at the white letters against the brick building, spelling out the school's name and I walked through the giant white doors sighing because I honestly would rather be at home asleep. "Only
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The positive energy right when you walk in that always takes the embodiment of this school, was not there. The students looked like death, maybe they couldn’t sleep last night? I looked at the girls and they looked just as concerned as I did, but I brushed it off and headed to first period. We took our seats with our project groups, but this negativity was weighing me down. I found it strange because AP european history is usually such a enjoyable class. Leilani tapped my shoulder and said in a low voice: “ Doesn't Mr.Lawrence seem, I don’t know, like really off today to you? I nodded in agreement, he hasn't even turned around to say his expected “Good morning class” . Right on cue Mr. Lawrence said: “ Today class, we will be learning about how the four girls taking my spell book will not be alive in the end to tell the tale.” His voice a deeper octave, he had turned around his eyes were no longer is hazel, instead they were black.There were prominent veins under his eyes, pointed teeth instead of his regular ones. We all stood up to ran out of the classroom, but with a snap of his fingers we were in some sort of