Personal Narrative: My Experience With Divorce

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When I was in sixth grade, my parents got divorced. Many people, especially recently, have had experience with divorce. I can't speak for anyone else's experiences, but mine had been sad, odd, and at times, difficult. During the stages of their divorce, I really tried to be just a painting on the wall, a mere observer. I was never involved and never really spoke my mind.
It’s sad how much adults hide from little kids. As a young kid, I thought my parents were so in love and so happy. My parents were able to put on this happy persona whenever they were in front of me or out in social situations, but deep down they were in trouble. Now that I’m older my parents and my sister share times about how scary it was and how unhappy they were when my parents were still together. I’ve heard stories that they fought a lot and that
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I would switch houses every night to be with my mom or my dad. After about two months of that arrangement, my parents sat my sister and me down and told us that they were going to move back in together because they were able to work out some of the issues they were having. Evidently, a couple of months after that, it was my mom's turn to move out. She went to a condo on the beach. At that point, it was too much for me to switch houses every night so I stayed for three nights each week and switched on the weekends. This arrangement took place for much longer than the first and really felt final. I didn't see any chance of any improvement, but what did I know? They were still hiding their status from me. I didn't get to see them interact together except for on holidays. Probably around six months later my parents sat my sister and I down for the inevitable conversation: they had decided an official divorce was going to be best for "all of us". This was weird because I didn't believe my sister or I were included in the decision-making process for that