Personal Narrative: My Family In America

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The way we can be defined or sought as, is one of many ways to define culture. No matter where you’re from or when you were born we all have a sense of it, whether it may be a little or a lot just depends. Given the fact that I was a first generation of my family in America I can somewhat relate to what others must go through when coming to America. I knew I had to interview someone out of the country, but never did I expect them to land right in front of me.
It was a normal day at work and my friend/ boss told me he had someone flying in from London, his name was Fabiano Neto. This was his very first time in America and had just decided to move here, I literally met him a day after he landed here. I quickly jumped on the gun and asked him if I could interview him for my assignment. He was very friendly and couldn’t wait to tell his story. The conversation went so smoothly, I asked him I could call him Fabi and he said he
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He was born and grew up in Almada, Portugal. As a kid, he said he grew up watching American movies, and was inspired from them, he even learned English from them. I asked him what he grew up eating, he laughed and said, “Rice, a lot of rice.” He was also in love with soccer his whole life, his biggest dream was to one day play as a professional soccer player. He gave it his all and coaches told him he couldn’t, he didn’t care and went on to try out for the big leagues and they told him no. He said he broke down cried because his dream was shattered. I knew this was a huge downfall for him because earlier, he told me success was making your dream come true.
The conversation kept going smoothly and I asked him if he ever experienced racism and he said, “Yes that’s one of the biggest reasons why I moved to London.” I asked him what could be done to prevent this? He said, “Friendships should be established before, get to know the person first before you