Personal Narrative: My First Actual College Class

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Throughout the semester of my first actual college class I have learned a lot. As I look back on the semester I have found many things that should have been done differently and things that should have been done in general.Being an Early College student is a lot of work as I have found out this semester. Although this was my second year being in the Early college program this was my first real actual college class. The previous classes that I have took at early college have been, ACA 111, PED 142, PED 120, and CIS 070. ENG 111-0004 is my first actual college english class. Being a high school and a college student can be hard and can get hard and stressful and overwhelming if I am not careful with planning and keeping track of things. College and high school are two totally different things and two totally different setting that have to be adapted to. It is important that I still continue to adapt to things in the class rooms and that I am …show more content…
Participation is something that I personally think that all students have trouble with because no one wants to be wrong in front of anyone and it hard to overcome that fear and the thoughts of what everyone else is thinking about. I am going to work on that before my next English class because I want to make sure that I am learning to the best of my ability. Progress is important to be able to spot especially for me because I feel like if I can not see the progress at the end then I took nothing away from the class itself. The MEAL plan was my biggest improvement over the semester I took that and applied it to my high school work and it improved my essay grades in high school. The transition between college and high school was not easy but I was able to make it by keep a schedule and a calendar of everything I needed to get done that day,week, and