Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Team

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I stood at the center of my home basketball court and stared in awe at the numerous championship banners hanging along the walls, pondering all of the hard work and determination that I had put forth into the offseason. In the upcoming month of our first home game all that was on my mind was the sound of the ball hitting the floor, fans cheering, whistles blowing, and the scoreboard buzzing. Little did I know that all of the long nights spent in the silent gym would mean nothing. For the second season in a row, The Golden Girls failed to finish the season with a winning record. Every game that we played was a battle until the very last minutes of the fourth quarter. However, we just could not capture a victory. As the season progressed and we still had a losing record, everyone began to give up on us which led us to give up on ourselves. This affected not only myself in a negative way, but also the coaches because in the past The Golden Girls had a positive winning reputation. For many months I sat wondering why this was happening to me, I did not deserve to suffer after pushing myself to the brink. Not having a successful season was hard on my coaches but even harder on myself because I …show more content…
At the end of those four months, we finally got the chance to prove ourselves at team basketball camp. Anxiously walking onto the court, I stopped and prayed the success was in the near future. My prayers were shortly answered, we proved to everyone that failing wasn’t a part of the tradition The Golden Girls hold. Basketball camp placed my team in the mindset that failing and subsequently succeeding is how a team and individual becomes strong. I also proved to myself never to give up on something that is worth working for. Instead of feeling ashamed about not having a winning season, I can now talk about how hard work, determination, and motivation all lead to