Personal Narrative: My First Soccer Team

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As I stepped out the blue jeep holding both my Nike bag and cones in another hand, I felt the chilly air hit against my skin and found myself squinting towards the soccer fields scattered on the green artificial grass. I couldn’t believe how much my team had accomplished all season. As time ticked, it was all slowly coming to an end. A day filled with three soccer games back to back showed me the potential and confidence I had buried in myself and the importance of embracing it. My family and I walked to our assigned field to prepare for the first game as it reared in. My dad was astonished and excited while on the other hand I was filled with anxiety. All I was thinking was “Don’t screw this up.” Slowly one by one a teammate arrived until finally we were together, laughing. As a team we all had become very close with one another and there was never a dull moment between all of us. As I sat on the cold, hard, bench, I noticed in a glimpse two stripped shirt men …show more content…
We were exhausted and dying from hunger. Click, clack, click, clack- that’s all I heard as I walked towards the food stands. As I looked to my side I saw a kid’s face covered in sauce as he took a bite from his pizza, struggling to untangle the cheese from his slice. At that moment, my team and I ate like never before. After hours of waiting, we were minutes away to the opportunity of winning first place in this last game. During the game, I was no longer anxious, but in a quick blink of an eye the unexpected occured. Our “all-star” teammate was hurt and for a moment I was filled with fear. I wondered what will happen with the team now? Will we win? Many thoughts came to my head, but I realized I can’t let our team down. When he got out, our team put in effort I had never seen before. As I played defense, I gave every inch of strength I carried in my tiny body. Although we did not win, it was a very intense, close game with the ending score of