Personal Narrative: My First Softball Team

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The beginning of the spring of this year. In the end of February beginning of March softball season was beginning to start. Me and my used to be best friend Madison played softball together. She had a boyfriend named Tyler he came to every game and supported her. Every away game home game he was there with her family. One night I stayed all weekend with her and we was going to wake up and go to ARMCO to play a softball game with her family and Tyler. The next day we wake up and head to Bob Evans before we go down to play a game of softball. We get done eating breakfast and head to ARMCO. The teams were Madison’s mom , Madison’s dad, and Madison’s sister. On the other team It was me , Tyler , and Madison. Before the game me and Tyler warmed …show more content…
After we got done playing pass it was time for Tyler to leave. Madison decided she was going to stop being rude and be nice and gave him a hug and a kiss bye and walked him to his car. When he left it was time for me to head home and her mom took me home. That next day me and Madison had a home softball game. We show up at the field at 3 and the game started at 5. We have to wait for our coach to show up cause she has our uniforms and while we wait we just mess around in the dugout. So by 3:15 the coach comes and we change to our uniforms and we start practicing while we wait for the team to show up. 4:30 comes around and we see the school bus coming in with the other team and the fans start to pack the stands. My mom , my grandma , my grandma’s friend, and my stepdad came and sat down in the stands. Coming down the stairs was Madison’s mom , Madison’s dad and Tyler was coming down the stairs and Tyler always sat up at the top by himself and her family brought chairs to sit in in the shade. The game starts and I was the pitcher and I headed out to the mound and I just look at the people in the stands. I happen to look at Tyler and he’s looking at me so i get all flustered and