Personal Narrative: My First Summer At Keewaydin

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In the summer I take part in a camp called Keewaydin located in Canada. Keewaydin is a canoe tripping camp. Each trip is 4-10 girls which allows us to become close. Keewaydin has taught me many life lesson and shaped me into who I am today. Keewaydin in particular has taught me to be a team player, and too help the other fellow. Being a team player is a big part of life. Everyone at some point is a part of a team. It may be a sports team or a big group of people that are striving for a similar goal. My first summer at Keewaydin another girl and I were asked to wait for a slow girl on a portage, through this experience I learned a lot about being a positive team player and helping the other fellow.

My first year at Keewaydin I was in the Whinisk
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The only way we were able to get through was by walking across a log that was half submerged in water. Eugenie and I were careful about walking across the log. Once we got to the other side I went back and looked for Julian. She had fallen, so I helped her up and put the wanigan back on her head. I knew that she had to finish this herself, I could not do the work for her. I walked with her until we got to the creek. At the creek I took her wanigan off of her back and put it on my back. I did not think it would be a good idea for her to walk across the slippery log with a heavy wanigan. I then crossed the log carefully. Once I got to the other side. I went back to help Julian across. Luckily she did not fall in. I put the wanigan back on Julian’s head, and we started walking with her. We knew that we were closes to the end. We stayed with Julian and talked and encouraged her as we walked at a slow pace. Until maybe 300 meters from the end, two of our assistants came back looking for us. They told us to finish, and they would walk with Julian the rest of the way. As Eugenie and I finished the portage it was about to start getting dark. Both of us had a fun day, even though walking slowly was frustrating. We felt as though we had helped someone else complete a