Personal Narrative: My Freshman Year The Greek Economy

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Once upon a time, no one would have guessed that I would be in two clubs, be graduating with my academic honors diploma, and be the president of my own volunteer organization. Although I know live this life, my freshman year, it looked impossible. If I’m being absolutely honest, you could compare my freshman year the Greek economy. No matter how hard I tried to stable myself, each failure gradually worsened.
During my eighth grade year, my mother decided to home school me after we had moved to another city. So, after I miraculously passed my 8th grade year without turning in any work, I convinced my mother to let me go back to public school. I by far don’t regret this decision, however, I should have done more to prepare myself. Due to the fact that I was home schooled my 8th grade year, I missed out on any form of preparation for high school. On my first day of school, I planned my courses. After I left the guidance office, I felt ready for my school year, but this wasn’t the case. After it was to late to re-map my school year, I learned I was taking some of the worst classes. Which, this discovery has been a constant annoyance
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Since I was not only a freshman, but a freshman who was new to the area, I didn’t understand why I shouldn’t be friends with them. As the year progressed, I became friends with their friends. Without my naive attention, they sucked me down into their ideology that education didn’t matter. By the start of the second trimester, my growing failures began to become more obvious to not only myself, but everyone else too. Despite this fact, I wasn’t actually comprehending the magnitude of the situation. During my second trimester I started to realize what had happened, yet I couldn’t grasp the solution to my free fall descent. It wasn’t until the end of my second trimester that I had realized where I had fallen. I had acquired my first, and last D in a