Personal Narrative: My Goals For College

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Throughout school, I have always pushed through any problems I have gotten to rather than just avoiding them. I have been a great student overall in my eyes, but I also have had my own struggles in high school. The subject that I definitely struggle the most with is history. Despite this, I pushed myself to take both AP world history and AP US history. In both classes, I found myself consistently getting lost in thought and would have to try very hard to focus on what was being taught in order to learn. Consequently, I had to study a lot for both of these classes, but especially US history. Due to my efforts, I was able to push through my weaknesses and pass both classes relatively smoothly. I still would like to push myself to be more effective in classes I do not necessarily enjoy in the same way I enjoy math. Overall, I think that my potential still has room to grow and UC could help me find my own potential beyond just being able to push through my challenges. …show more content…
Ever since my mom has not had a job, our family has essentially been living paycheck to paycheck, and experiencing this level of income has made me want to strive for better for my own family. Both my parents have already stated to me that they want me to be more successful monetarily and just in life in general. In order to do this, I must work towards my goal of mechanical engineering. One path to this goal, and an efficient one at that, is the UC system. I think that this level of inspiration that I am not only going through college for my own dreams of mechanical engineering, but also my parents’ dreams of my success would make me a very effective student within the UC