Personal Narrative: My Head Lifeguard

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One area of my life that has truly transformed me into the person I am today is my job and the history behind it. By the second semester of my sophomore year in high school I decided that I no longer wanted to play sports and wanted to get a job. This would help build my responsibility, time management, social, and communication skills. I applied to my first job as a lifeguard to the Arizona Grand Resort. A friend of mine referred me to the job and convinced me that I would love the job. Training began in late February and I began guarding in early March. Working or living in densely populated areas is an adventure to me so I had no trouble finding my way around the waterwork for my rotations. I had to adapt to a large area without a lot of …show more content…
I was even offered to help train the new lifeguard hire class in the Summer of 2016, but unfortunately I could not assist my manager with the class due to family matters. As I persisted through Summer I was made aware that there would be two additional Head Lifeguard positions for the rest of the season and even next season. This was the moment. I have wanted this position ever since one of my old Head Lifeguards inspired me. I prepared for the interview and came up with several ideas to offer for the next season. I tried to think of ways and ideas to help advance our guards in promoting safety for all guests attending the waterpark. At first someone was hired and I was a little bummed but I kept calm and relaxed in hopes of getting the second position. After a few weeks of waiting, I got a phone call from one of my managers. They offered me the position and I was so ecstatic! I screamed and chanted in the most delightful way. I had received the job that I worked for during my time there. Since then I have been a Head Lifeguard and want to share the knowledge that was passed down to me by my old Head Lifeguards and current managers so every guard can perform above all