Personal Narrative: My High School Career

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Have you ever heard a something that never leaves your mind? Well this belief was that I was not smart enough to take an honors courses. I never forgot what the teacher had said and it stuck with me all through high school. There I was in freshman year of high school with pottery as my only honors. And all I could think about was that he was right. My grades from middle school were mediocre, but that was not gonna stop me from trying.
Furthermore my main motivation to go against what this teacher had said was my parents. Knowing that they both sacrifice so much for me to go to school, I wanted to push beyond what that teacher said. My father had to leave school and start working at 7, I wanted to learn everything he could not. I wanted to surprise my parents with my achievements in academics, as well as maturity. The pinnacle of challenging this idea was junior year, I had a job, was enrolled in all honors for next year, and I had finally hit a 4.0 gpa. Seeing the expression on my father’s face was priceless, that is when I knew I wanted to be the best I could be.
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I am now in my senior year where I am taking all honors courses and an Ap class. Without a doubt I would make this decision again. Through challenging his belief I was able to succeed academically. That is why I am looking for a college that can both challenge me academically and allow me to succeed in my career of