Personal Narrative: My Interest In Criminal Justice

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The rough maroon carpet scratched at my ankles while I sat with my legs crossed, a notebook balanced on my knee. I leaned back against the couch and look up towards my mom, seated on the worn green cushion, vaguely shadowed by the light pouring in from the window behind her. My fingers trailed along the edge of the frayed notebook paper. I tilted my head back, ready to listen to the story of what led my mom to be where she is today slowly unravel.
My first question, “Where did your passion for criminal justice start and did someone else influence it?” is met with a pensive look upwards and thoughtful eyes darting back and forth, like they could somehow find one path back to the start written on the cracked white plaster. The story unraveled
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Her acceleration in puzzle solving and games reflects the interest. She drew a connection between her passion for law and passion for solving puzzles and connecting stories. It helps to learn how to think outside of the box and view situations differently than she would have before. The puzzle-solving is her favorite aspect. Laws, why things happen the way they do, why people do what they do - it’s all very fascinating. It related back to her original major (before changing it years later) in psychology. The only other person who shares such a deep interest with her, that she can think of, is her mother who works in law and used to take criminal justice …show more content…
She also says that without this degree, she may not have been as open minded about things as she is now. In the future, Tracy hopes to continue her education to achieve a master’s degree. She says she can see this leading her to a different level of her current job and perhaps even branch out in actual law or medical Human Services. Getting her degree and a better understanding of the justice system was the most satisfying part of her passion. She loves being able to use her knowledge to understand the things around around her, even if it’s just in books or on TV