Personal Narrative: My Interest In Soccer

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I have always been interested in Soccer and as a huge fan of the game, I have an

immense knowledge in it.

I learned Soccer when I was eleven. I started gaining interest while watching my

first World Cup in 2002. I just loved every moment of it, the cheering of the

crowd, the anticipation created by long build-ups, the split-second changes which

could affect the outcome of the game, the possibility of victory suddenly replaced

by crushing defeat and finally the players working so hard to make their country

and people proud. My passion for football grew stronger as I watched my seniors

play football everyday in School. They were my inspiration so I joined the school

football team and was trained everyday till I became an expert and could play
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To be an expert on Soccer or any

other sport, you need first work on you physique and stamina.Soccer is played by

eleven players on each team. The pitch is about 400 metres in perimeters and is

usually played on an artificial turf outdoor. There are four main types of players in

Soccer, each with a distinctive role in the team. The Goalkeeper, The Defenders,

The Forwards and The Midfielders . To become a goalkeeper you need to have

good reflexes and balance. To become a defender you need to be very fit and

strong. Midfielders on the other hand need the a lot of stamina because they need

to run around the most as they have to defend themselves as well attack the

opposite team. Midfielders are also called the backbone of the team because the

ball is played mostly at the centre of the field, where the midfielders are

positioned. The role of forwards is to score goals for their teams, they are also

called strikers. They need to be good at dribbling, using their speed and technique

as an advantage. Therefore anyone who learns the techniques and practices