Personal Narrative: My Journey To Ap Art

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It all began during my childhood, where my imagination and creativity seems to go out of the ordinary. I continuously wanted to sketch, draw, paint and anything artistic I could get my hands on. I was introduced to many new methods, and techniques These new artistic ways made me discover all sorts of way to do art. It was a beautiful rainbow pathway of creativity and imagination for me. Using pencil, pen,colored pencils, at a young age then moving onto paints such as :acrylic and watercolors at an older age. Most creative matter of art I do implies on how I’m feeling at the moment. During childhood, my inspiration many came from movies,cartoons and video games. I would always loved to draw what I saw there or even make up my own creative idea. I owned so many coloring books, paper, finger paints, crayons that I always ended up having box fulls of them and had to throw it out or save what I could. Even …show more content…
Of course that didn’t stop me from being doing art; In those years all I did was sketch and draw whenever I had the chance. It was a bore until my junior year, I finally got Draw/Paint II plus Graphic Arts! This became a big continuation of art for me, but I decided to move to Ap Art because I have much confident in knowing that I can do it without no doubt. Even with few assignments done, I’ve been regrowing my passion for it again. All with the traditional and digital art is really filling up my feelings of art that I’ve been missing the past two years. Without any art, or any creativity for me, life becomes meaningless in a way. Art is something that has become a major part of me, without it.. It wouldn’t be me at all. Taking that away would be taking a whole part of me that I’ve build up,and self-taught.Art makes me escape from reality itself giving me life enhancement and healing for throughout the years. This always builds up my mental and emotional