Personal Narrative: My Journey To Band Day

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I knew the minute I stepped onto campus freshman year that Western was the one for me. My love for marching band and curiosity of knowing what college band was like brought me to Western’s Band day and it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. For the last four years, going to band day has been one of the highlights of marching season and without a doubt the spark that lighted the blaze of my love for Western.

My decision to apply to Western was very easily made. Campus is just 45 minutes away from my house which means I can go home whenever I want, a factor that my parents are ecstatic about. The city of Kalamazoo also has a lot to offer as well. My shopaholic needs will be nicely met at the Crossroads Mall and I can not wait to try the many other activities around town. But the one reason most of all is that Western’s atmosphere just felt right. Western is just the right size coming from a small town high school and I think the use of sustainable energy on campus is just the icing on the cake. The pride of the people who go there can be felt like the disturbance Darth Vader felt in the force. Prominent and promising.
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Of course, I do not have it all planned out yet but what I do know is that I will be joining as many activities as I can. There’s so many clubs like student government, an LGBT alliance or even just the Bronco Marching band that make a big impact to choose from. The options are endless to what I could do and I could not be more happier in picking such a wonderful