Personal Narrative: My Journey To Keiser University

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- Please tell us about your situation when you first came to Keiser University. As an adult returning to school, I found myself filled with a mix of emotions ranging from excitement to extreme fear when I first came to Keiser University. I was unsure if I could measure up after being out of school for 15 plus years however, what I did know was that I was up for the challenge and willing to put in the work required to change my life for the better. In the end, the fear of spending the rest of my years working in a field I hated was far scarier than anything I could ever face going back to school later in life.

- Please tell us about your instructors who may hold a special place in your educational history and how they helped to change
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You see, prior to our meeting, I tried to enroll at UCF. Long story short, the experience with UCF and their staff was awful – I even broke down in tears in one of their admin offices because no one would assist me. I still get emotional every time I think about it. The care and attention William Abernathy gave me helped me to see that my time and money would be better appreciated at Keiser University so by the end of our first meeting, I was ready to move forward with enrollment.

- How has Keiser University helped to change your life? What is new in your life that would not be there if it were not for your educational experience at Keiser University?
Keiser University has allowed me to take the steps necessary to change my life by offering online classes that make it easy for me to attend school on my terms. I am graduating with a degree in a field I love and will forever be grateful for the positive educational experience I have had at Keiser University. The faculty and staff have made this experience an absolute pleasure.

- Are you working in your field? Tell us about your job or job search