Personal Narrative: My Leadership In High School

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Throughout my high school career, I realized how enlightening and informative it was to be a leader. I continually put myself in these leadership positions starting in tenth grade where I took a chance and became project leader of a small engineering group. It was my first experience with engineering and with entrepreneurship (aside from my childhood days of futilely selling chocolate at a school bake sale). I was initially naïve when it came to the leadership position; I did not truly know how to cohesively run a group and how to make ourselves a team, let alone a productive one. Although the beginning of my leadership was filled with mismanagement, when I realized that my group was not being effective, I quickly changed my methods of managing the group. Pragmatically, I began to set internal deadlines within my team so that we would stay on task. When our productivity increased and after finishing our prototype for our invention, I then began to branch out into different communities to potentially sell our product, demonstrating its functionalities to our …show more content…
I want to challenge myself by joining some of Wharton's student-run conferences and clubs to see how I can become a more capable leader. Being a part of clubs such as the Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club, would teach me how to lead larger groups of people while also teaching me the logistics of business. I would love being able to see the dynamics of the group and being able to express and listen to each of the participants' viewpoints. Engaging in these meetings would allow me to broaden my knowledge of business and my perspective of the world, connecting me with similarly driven businessmen and