Personal Narrative: My Life After High School

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It was the summer of 2005 after high school graduation. Myself and two of my high school friends were setting off to the Caribbean without any parents. We had purchased a senior graduation package for the grand trip and the day had finally come. We were a bunch of teenagers girls on the loose. Once in the Bahamas the parties seemed to have started immediately.

The air was humid which made it more hot than usual. My friends and I made sure to take advantage of the beach that was not to far from our hotel room. The white powdery sand was unlike any sand I had ever encountered. The water was crystal clear and the as blue as the sky. It was breathtaking. There was jet skiing that we were able to do and we jumped at the opportunity. It was exciting to speed across the crystal waters. The salt water splashed up in my face every time my jet ski landed from jumping a wave. Even though my eyes stung it was fun at the same time.
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The majority of the people that I saw and met came from all over the states and everyone had one agenda: to have fun. It was a time that I not only broke out of the wall of high school, but I also felt like I broke out of my parents walls as well. It was my first trip away from them and I felt like an adult. At the age of 18 I was not much of an adult, but I felt independent. It was nice to make my own decisions without getting