Personal Narrative: My Neighborhood Memoir

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Neighborhood Memoir

Last summer I had a close experience that was crazy and here’s how it went.
Sine it’s a nice weather day I decided to go outside to work and mess with stuff in our shop. I spent about 45 minutes tinkering with some car parts and helping my dad with some things and I was getting quite bored. So I decided to get the 4 wheeler out. Our 4 wheeler is a late 90s Yamaha Timberwolf 250 4x4. It’s a work 4 wheeler so it’s not fast since it’s meant for towing. So I get it out of the side area and I roll it up to the main area. I check the tire pressures I put some gas in it. So after that I get my helmet and my old baseball gloves on. After that I hop on it and it starts right up. So I back it out of the shop and everything seems