Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience With Divorce

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From the very beginning, I have exemplified strength of character by living through the tumultuous situations that were taking place at my home during my childhood. When I was younger, my parents would physically fight in front of my sibling and I. The violence became so serious at the point where my father was arrested. My parents eventually divorced after this event. The event of my parents’ divorce left a mark on my transition to adulthood, and it caused a social separation in my family. My parents went to court and spent thousands of dollars fighting over custody of their children. My parents constantly would argue anytime they were around each other. My parents would even talk negatively about each other to their kids, and to family members as well. While this situation was happening, I …show more content…
While in school, I would be so ashamed of myself and my situation at the point where I wouldn’t look or speak to anyone. There were many times that I was unsure if I would make it through the storm that was taking place at home and in my life, however I persevered and made it through this rough time successfully. I refused to allow my brother nor my parent’s divorce to ruin my education nor achieving my goals. I should be the scholarship winner, because I have always been a true scholar that is motivated to achieve highly. My goal-oriented personality has led me to receive several honors such as the Best In Social Studies Award and National Beta Club Certified. I have been on the Honor Roll and in the top 25% of my class every year since 9th grade. While in high school, I have challenged myself by taking 14 rigor courses, 13 honors courses, 1 AP course, and 4 college courses. I am currently a dual-enrollment student at Atlanta Metropolitan College, and will have 12 college credits when I graduate from high school. These achievements came despite of my family