Personal Narrative: My Personal Leadership Philosophy

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The real leadership means deep human qualities, and has nothing in common with traditional concepts of the power. Having big technical and mental abilities are not obligatory as well. These attributes can help substantially; however, they are not main. Time changes and the way people view leaders has changed as well; in the modern world, good leadership demands humane behavior and reverent attitude and to humankind, emotional power and a certain type of behavior.
In leadership, it is necessary to understand yourself first, to know your beliefs and values, your attitudes and expectations, in other words, to be aware of a personal leadership philosophy. In order to understand your followers and lead them, it is necessary to start from yourself.
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My personality was formed due to people, religion, experience and environment. Many people contributed to my views of the life and the hugest impact was from the side of parents, siblings and my upbringing. My father played significant and special role in my inner world formation and my attitude towards everything. Beside my family, there were also teachers, friends and even people whom I met once in my life who had brought something into who I am