Personal Narrative: My Personal Worldview

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As a college student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, it has been brought to my attention to think about life as a whole and also what I think about the criminal justice side of today's society. I was asked to answer many questions about my worldview, ideology, life experiences, beliefs, thoughts about the criminal justice system and so forth. In order to give my reasoning on why I believe certain things and in order to back up my answers to these questions, I thought back to my previous and current class sessions, my basic knowledge of the world, and my moral and religious beliefs while growing up. The day I started my Criminology 410 class at IUP, my thoughts about the world have really made me question my worldview which is shocking to me because I really thought I was set on these beliefs stated above. So, with that said, I will answer this assignment as if I have never taken this class in order to have an answer that I was set on and …show more content…
My own personal worldview started when I was younger and was influenced by my parents because of their religion and about how I was a brought into the Catholic faith by going to CCD, church, and being confirmed lately because of the goal to complete each one of the seven sacraments. Therefore, to answer the big question about the world, I believed that I was created by God and was designed in a very special and unique way and was put on this creation we call earth for a purpose, that purpose being to have a special relationship with God and his other creations. Since day one, I have always believed in God and all of the 'rules' of the Catholic faith until recently when I started growing up, becoming more educated and realizing how this world is a very scary