Personal Narrative: My Physical Fitness Plan

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For my Physical Fitness Plan, the first step is to set a goal. I have chosen as an example the goal of getting much tougher core also known as Abs. I chose this goal generally because it encourages exercise for muscle strengthening all over the body and would make me have a better self-image. Abs are really easy to essentially obtain if the correct plan is made. To start off I contemplated what would be the easiest thing to obtain with minimal effort. So I decided to set my goal on an Ab plan. When creating this plan I took time, diet, skill, and endurance into consideration. With this goal, I want to be able to achieve a four pack within a four-six month period if followed strictly. This is a goal intended for myself and what I feel comfortable doing. I will try my best to follow it strictly and accurately. With this goal, I hope to obtain a set of four Abs pushing myself each day.
There are thousands of Ab workouts that are possible to do. In my day there is little time to schedule in activity. I get home at four and do not get finished with school work until approximately five. After dinner, it is seven and I have little time left for activity. The first activity I will do is Crunches. Every morning two sets of twenty and at night two sets of twenty.
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I will complete the Crunches four sets of twenty every day. The Crunches will be completed at a high intensity each set. I should be completed in 2 minutes per set maximum, Crunches are an upper Ab workout. I will complete the Leg Raises with two sets of thirty every other day. The Leg Raises will be at a medium intensity and take five minutes per set at a slow speed. Leg Raises will work my lower core. I should finish with Russian Twist every day. Russian twist will be completed at a very high intensity and done within 3 minutes maximum. This is a six pack, entire core workout. While completing these activities I shall work with maximum