Personal Narrative: My Relationship With The SAT

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Ever since I was a kid, I always believed that putting in the effort and time to reach a goal will always lead to success. The philosophy has led to success ever since I considered it as true. It has been reinforced through middle school as success has come after times of hard work, especially shown in grades and standardized tests. However, as I attended more and more competitions, especially related to math and science, I realized I was getting occasional success, though I did put in effort and dedication. My beliefs on hard work were especially rocked when high school came around, when I took the old SAT, the one scaled out of 2400. My relationship with the SAT started out when I was in 7th grade, as the Duke TIP program swayed me into taking the test at such an early age. Honestly, I didn’t really care about it much, which means that I didn’t really study. Understandably, my score suffered, leaving to disappointment in me and my family. …show more content…
Due to that, I started studying for the SAT in freshman year, though it was sporadic, since I didn’t know whether I was going to take the old SAT or the redesigned SAT. Studying mainly consisted of taking plenty of practice tests and memorizing SAT vocabulary, which wasn’t going to help me in the future. By the end of freshman year, my family and I were still undecided. Through the summer, I took more and more practice tests, with my score gradually improving over time. This led to my mom’s decision: take the SAT with my sister after the first semester of sophomore year. Now the show