Personal Narrative: My Role As An Armenian Student

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I have experienced leadership roles as the Vice President of Armenian Students' Association at my college campus, as an older sibling and as a part of the Glee choir group in high school. With these roles came responsibilities like organization, mentorship, teamwork, commitment and patience. As an older sibling I always felt responsible to be a role model and an inspiration to my brother. I helped him learn from my mistakes, failures and successes. Having the experience of being an older sibling taught me patience and mentorship skills. With the role of a vice president of an important organization, came responsibilities like organizing events every week and some major events every semester, while having to create a unified team that could work together. …show more content…
Being part of the Glee choir group at my high school I participated in organizing concerts and choreographing dancing and singing numbers for our group. One of my favorite performances that I had the honor of choreographing was for the concert "Michael Jackson on Broadway". I assembled a routine for the song Thriller by Michael Jackson. It can be frustrating to lead a group, however, a good leader in my opinion should inspire and motivate the teammates and unify everyone around a common purpose. I am thankful for the experience these roles have given me and helped me learn to have patience, be committed, learn teamwork skills and