Personal Narrative: My Snow Day In School

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I stayed up late that night, waiting for one thing, the phone to ring. That was all I wanted, all I needed,the phone to ring. But why? It was all anybody wanted, another snow day. I didn’t receive any phone calls that night, and I prayed that the phone was broken. But the dreaded truth was that there was going to be school that day, no doubt about it. Snow fell thickly to the ground, coating it with a white layer, like icing on a cake. I didn’t want to go to school, I didn’t want to wear layers of clothing to prevent frostbite, or trudge through snow, getting my socks damp, or run for the bus slipping and sliding on the icy roads. All I asked for was to stay home, sleep in, and drink hot cocoa, a warm blanket wrapped around me. But I had no choice.

The halls of Bowman Elementary school
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More silence. “Did you know all the other schools closed because of the snow besides Lexington!” I burst, unable to contain myself, my voice traced with fury. He looked up at me, his blue eyes twinkling, “I’m so pleased that there was school today!” he exclaimed, beaming, as he ran his hand through his hair. I looked away, what’s wrong with this kid! I screamed in my mind. How could he want to be at school. Thoughts whirled inside my brain. I have to tell him that he’s messed up, I concluded in my mind. But when I turned to talk, all that came out was “Same here.” Why I said that, I didn’t know. All I wanted to do was complain, and complain and complain. No I don’t want to be here, I really don’t. This school is a prison, why am I here, why am I here, WHY AM I HERE!
Irritation crept up my spine, this kid is way too positive.
To me it felt that being overjoyed when we don’t get a snow day was a crime. Something wrong. It pained me, listening to his jolly remarks throughout the morning. Are you okay? You are acting like you got bonked on the head, with a club. That was the only thing I felt like asking my