Personal Narrative: My Social Identity

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My every day personal experiences are constantly being shaped by my social and cultural identity. I can be identified by several things such as white, young adult, and middle class. What I would identify most with is being a very social student athlete here at UNF. I have always been an athlete and a good student. The way I was raised has shaped my social identity most of all. My parents and both siblings were successful in school and sports and I have been raised to be that way as well. One place where my experiences are affected by my social identity would be Hodges Stadium.

Hodges Stadium is located on North Entrance Road and Eco Road on The University of North Florida’s campus and is known as Building Forty-Six. It is a
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These values would include: honesty, work ethic, discipline, coachable, teamwork, and leadership. I was encouraged by my parents to participate in several sports growing up so these values have followed me everywhere. I am expected to show up to the stadium every day with a good attitude and show leadership on and off the field including in the classroom. We are expected to show up on time and ready to compete every day. Most of the values and expectations that align with Hodges Stadium also align with my own values and expectations and help me grow. The only conflict I’ve experienced when it comes to values aligned with this stadium is coaches and athletes caring more about their sport than academics. Many coaches and athletes are content with doing the bare minimum to get by and be eligible. I see my education as even more important than my sport and this is one value that I do not see consistently in Hodges …show more content…
My competitive nature and determination urge me to see the stadium in a positive light. The way I was raised and my family have a lot to do with my social identity as a student athlete. I always strive to be as successful as possible and reach for excellence in everything I do and I see Hodges Stadium as a place to be able to do that. Those who may not share the same values and identity as me may not see any significance to this stadium just as my social identity would not be able to relate very well to a musical