Personal Narrative: My Sophomore Year

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Sophomore year was somewhat difficult for me, I feel like the worker was harder. I felt like I actually had to try my sophomore year. The success of my sophomore year was that I passed all of my classes at the end of the year. In some of my classes I was getting the best grades in my classes. I was starting to get more involved in my art stuff. Also, I was looking into art classes I could join. Then, I found the art career tech program and went to meetings. I finally got it on my schedule for sophomore year.
The challenges of my sophomore were that I didn’t study for most of the test. I didn’t that feel that had to study for the tests I had. That is why I wasn’t doing so well on the test for a while. Then, I realized when I study my tests scores became a lot better. That is when I learned that study was a good tool for me to use. I was still boxing in my sophomore, but I still didn’t have fight because I was on and off with it. In my sophomore year my sister was born in November and I was excited. When I have seen her she looked just like me, I saw her resemblance of me.
At this time my parents did not want me to drive until I
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The work was harder than junior year, but I still managed to get it together and pass with A’s and B’s. My parents made sure grades were well and I started getting extra help after school. It was important for me to get my grades together so I could go to a great college. The work my junior year came to me, I did not have to try too much. I didn’t need too much help on any of my work. I was get A’s and B’s on all my test. In my junior year the day went pretty fast because I had my tech class for three periods. That class took up most of my day that’s why it was so fast. I still enjoyed my sophomore year there is nothing I will change except me not getting my temps and not studying for my test. My sophomore year was not so bad, just wish could have studied