Personal Narrative: My Stereotypes

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I think that people think of me or look at me as a loner without many friends,

quite, shy, and overall a nice guy or helpful. In my portrait, I put all the things that I said

and for my drawing I draw my body with all scrubble or ruin pencil marks and my mouth

is straight to show that am shy and with the ruin pencil marks it represents how I can be

a loner and staying away from people. Overall like my hair or my shows it is normal or

just me. Even though people stereotype me or tell me that am this, will it’s not the truth

and it’s annoying since those who said that I’m that stereotype it’s not even the true.

In the right side of my portrait, it is more better if I had to say. I would see myself

and what my best friends see myself is that am a nice guy, but am mean in a friendly
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I’m cool and chill. I’m always the one making people laugh when everything seems

bad or weird. I’m athletic and always talking since am more comfortable around them

since they are my best friends. In my portrait, I drawed it differently than in the left side. I

drawed my clothes more better. I drawed my mouth with a smile too since I’m always

happy around my friends and active. My best friends would have stereotype me for the

words that I said since they know me more than those who are in school and that I don’t