Personal Narrative: My Struggle Of Identity

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Everyone has a difficulty, something they struggle with at some point of their lives. Everyone has that one obstacle they have to overcome. In my case, that obstacle has been my identity.

When we moved to the United Stated States of America, I was 3 years old. Even though I was a small child, hispanic culture was important in my life. Because of this it was hard integrating into the United States. For a while, the language was a barrier as well. I could not play with the other children or understand them easily. Although I had an advantage and learned English quickly, there was still the struggle of identity. I would go to school with a whole different culture than I was accustomed to. Even throughout the years, going home and going to school was a big cultural transition. I felt as if I had to side with one culture and I did not know which one. I did not know which I applied to. It did not occur to me until later that I could choose both.

Being Hispanic American, I have a hard time finding a place where I completely fit in. Here, I am not considered American and am in a way an outcast. Despite my living here for years, I am not considered a full American because of my ethnicity. In my hometown, Santa Fe, Jalisco, Mexico, I am viewed as an outcast as well. Living in the United States has
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My main problem was internal, a struggle for identity; however, I no longer let this divide me. Presently, I have made peace with my problem and no longer consider it a problem. I have improved my ways of thinking and I have learned that being Hispanic American can be a positive thing. Being bilingual opens up a world of opportunities. I realized it does not matter what people think of you, it just means they have a preconceived notion of you. If you let this get to you then they will always have the same notion, but if you get past it and you show them you’re more than a stereotype, then that notion will