Personal Narrative: My Trip To Disney World

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It was late August and we arrived at Disney World with the sun beating down on our backs. I always convicted Disney World would be too childish for me. Soon would I come to find out it was going to be the best time of my life. I was so beyond excited to get to the parks and ride roller coasters. I could not hold my excitement in, I was shaking, I was so excited. Then the moment came… it was time to go to the parks for the first time. When we got there I was so grateful to be there.

The first place we went to was my favorite. When we got to Epcot the first thing we did was a Chevrolet design and drive your own car. After that we went to an aquarium and saw a whole bunch of fresh and saltwater creatures. It was exciting to see all these amazing animals. After that everybody was hungry, so we went to get
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It was really satisfying to beat my sisters at all the games. Then we went to my favorite ride at Epcot. We went on Space Mountain. I was nervous but really excited to go on the ride. I started to quiver. It was pitch dark the whole time and you never knew what was going to happen next. When we got off everybody was dizzy. Almost like we were a yoyo going up and down on a string.

Then the last ride we went on all day was amazing. It was a real life mission to space with the real feelings of going to space. It was exciting to feel all of the miner effects of space. It was really fun but after we got off everybody had a headache. Since everybody had a headache we decided to leave for the night. I was kind of depressed to have to leave. I tried to linger so we didn't have to leave. It was a long walk to get back to the bus that took us to are hotel. On are way back to the hotel we all talked about what are favorite part of the day was. When we got back we went to get are dinner and then hung out by the pool. I got everybody to go swimming. Eventually we all got tired and went up to go to