Personal Narrative: My Trip To High School

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Obviously for just about anyone, changes and transitions can be a very difficult part of life. When I was younger, I went to a small private school. In that school, there were around 20 kids in a grade (all in all about 200 between pre-kindergarten and 8th grade). Everyone had fairly the same beliefs, values, and overall character where I was pretty much the “same as everyone else”. After 8th grade, my parents decided that I was going to go to high school in a different school district all together. This meant that I was going from my class of about 19 to a class of about 219. I dreaded every moment of preparing for high school and even made myself sick a few days before because of all the built up anxiety that I had about high school. Freshman …show more content…
Once high school began, I decided to join volleyball and FFA. I also decided to take some more rigorous courses such as the AP Prep classes and the Honors classes. Those were some of the best choices in my life. That was when a little lightbulb came on and I came up with a small vision on whom I was and who I could become in the future. I found myself to be determined, ambitious, and I had a lot of leadership qualities that I did not realized I possessed before. As high school has gone on, I have joined 4 more clubs: HOSA, National Honors Society, Interact Club, and Link Crew (which helps run Freshman Orientation). I also have continued to challenge myself in my class schedule with 4 AP and 2 Honors classes my junior year as well as no in my senior year. I have tried a couple sports teams, classes, and clubs that also did not work out as well but through each experience, I learned something new about myself and made stronger influences on what I want to pursue in the