Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Grand Canyon

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We had a free breakfast at the campground and left for the Grand Canyon. We checked in at a campground and left the camper and dogs for the day. We made it to the Grand Canyon soon after that. We walked the Rim Trail and gazed at the Grand Canyon.

Cut through the earth's surface, rock protruded from the bottom and shot up, the sheer amazement of such an intricate design could be enough to take your breathe away.

However, the heat could do that for you. At nearly 100 degrees we sweltered in the sun. The heat was so intense on the walk back along the pavement it must have been vibrating through us. We made it back to the car and immediately cranked up the air conditioning as we drove we passed some elk and while Mom and I took a picture.
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The elk looked up, but she didn't really seem to care a whole lot. We drove out of the Grand Canyon not to long after that and headed back to the campground to hook up the camper and pick up the dogs.

The Grand Canyon was visible for a lot of our ride out. We stopped at a gorgeous tower. The inside was filled with designs. A stairway twisted through the